Spin Doctor's
Web Design 101

1.0 Welcome!
2.0 Envisioning
Your Web Presence
Lesson #1: Anyone can put up a web page. But depending on your planning, your website could be as moving as a great live performance, as current as broadcast news, as seductive as good film, and as comfortable as a talk with your friend...
... or as stale as the worst textbook, as forgettable as a long meandering speech, and as irritating as junk mail.

Before the easy part--an overview of basic HTML--we present a few questions to help you build your site on a strong foundation.

If you've got something to say, we'd love to hear your great ideas.

3.0 Shaping
the Pieces
4.0 Finishing
Index of Terms
and Resources
Maximizing Meaning
in Your Text
Doing Business
Tools for Web Composition

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