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[Beautiful Skyline of San Francisco created by my good friend John Hartong]

  • Brian Zisk has created a comprehensive Transaction Net site as well as several other pages which serve as resources for people who live in or are looking to visit the beautiful city of San Francisco.

  • It could be argued that "cyberspace" wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for local cyber-philosophers and thinkers the likes of Howard Rheingold. Among his many other credits, Rheingold was the author of Virtual Reality and Virtual Community, and served as editor-in-chief of the The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog. He advocates for electronic freedom and privacy, community, and has recently put together a new company called Electric Minds. He's always coming up with new Brainstorms.

  • Silja's love-affair with the Bay Area started back in the early 80s as a teenage runaway punk from Hollywood who was more interested in what S.F. had to offer her. Check out the things that make her who she is today (reggae, mountain biking, activism, Judaism, feminism, and more) in Silja's Playpen. She's responsible for lots of work on both these Ultimate Pages as well as San FranZiskGo!

  • Atomic Dawg, though furrier than most, is one of our favorite people.

  • Emilie is a webmaster and photographer who puts up her pictures of San Francisco every Friday. Far from a conservative or traditional perspective on S.F., Emilie's pictures reflect the diversity, chaos, and beauty that is this fair city.

  • Scarlot Harlot, a.k.a the outrageous Carol Leigh, has long been a known figure in San Francisco political circles. Specifically, she's an outspoken advocate of prostitutes' rights, being a former sex worker herself. She's also created the Prostitutes' Education Network.

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