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Transaction Net Ultimate Resources:
Newsgroups Regarding the Bay Area

[Beautiful Skyline of San Francisco created by my good friend John Hartong]

*** Note: you need to enter your news server in your browser's preferences in order to view newsgroups. Not all news servers carry all groups so some of these groups may be inaccesible to you.

  • ba.announce is the place to post articles that apply to the entire bay area USEnet community.

  • ba.bicycles is a forum for Bay Area bike riders.

  • ba.broadcast is about the local radio scene.

  • ba.consumers is for discussion of issues related to being a consumer in the Bay Area.

  • ba.dance is for those who dance or like to watch dance performances.

  • ba.food is about dining in the Bay Area.

  • ba.forsale is where you can find or list just about anything to buy or sell.

  • ba.general is a mishmash of Bay Area related topics.

  • ba.helping-hand is a resource for the volunteer and social service community.

  • ba.internet focuses on the nuts & bolts of the bay's Internet community

  • ba.israelis is a network for local Israelis.

  • ba.jobs is a general local jobs newgroup.

  • ba.jobs.contract posts temp-agency type jobs.

  • ba.jobs.contract.direct lists local employment opportunities.

  • ba.jobs.contract.agency lists agency employment notices.

  • ba.jobs.misc lists local employment opportunities.

  • ba.jobs.offered lists local employment opportunities.

  • ba.jobs.resumes is the place to post your resume or to find a new employee.

  • ba.market.computers lists computer equipment to buy or sell.

  • ba.market.housing lists local housing to rent, lease, or buy.

  • ba.market.misc lists anything and everything to buy or sell.

  • ba.market.vehicles lists vehicles to buy or sell.

  • ba.motorcycles is for the local biker community.

  • ba.motss is for the local gay/lesbian community.

  • ba.mountain-folk is for those of us who do (or wish they did) live in the mountains in the Bay Area.

  • ba.music is a forum for local musicians and music lovers.

  • ba.news.config is the place to discuss the setup of the Bay Area newsgroups.

  • ba.news.group focuses on Bay Area news group issues.

  • ba.news.stats posts various news server statistics.

  • ba.personals is the place to find 'So-and-So seeks So-and-So'.

  • ba.politics is a lively forum for local and national politics.

  • ba.seminars posts upcoming seminars, conferences, and workshops.

  • ba.singles is the place to hook up with other singles.

  • ba.smartvalley is about the Smart Valley Project.

  • ba.sports is a forum for sports lovers of all types.

  • ba.test is the place to test whatever needs to be tested.

  • ba.transportation is about the bay area's public transportation system.

  • ba.weather focuses on issues about the local weather.

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