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Payment Methods

Payment transfers may be completed by a variety of means. All of these payments are applicable to mainstream national currencies, but many of them also apply to the various local or community currencies (e.g. LETS, Ithaca HOURS, Time Dollars) as well.

We have classified the different payment mechanisms in five categories as follows:

Take a look at our payment method directories, each of which contains a brief (and impartial) description of all the possible variations on that particular method. And be sure to tell us if we missed one.


Payment Methods
ATM model Mediated Three-Party Payments Unmediated Two-Party Payments Micro Payments Anonymous Digital Cash Payments Your Suggestions?



For More Information
We're putting on the web some articles we find particularly relevant as well as links to other economic theory on the net.

Roy Davies's Money--Past, Present, and Future and both the Money and Payment Systems page from the Institute of Finance and Banking at the University of Göttingen and the payment mechanisms designed for the internet from the Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash page are fine supplemental resources.

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