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Transaction Net



When information circulates freely, unlimited exchanges can bloom--and everyone benefits. (For this reason, the Internet, as Bernard Lietaer writes in "Internet Currencies for Virtual Communities", is an "ideal space for economic symbiosis". ) Witness, for example, the library of experience growing in The Money Conference (on our Transaction Net Conferencing System), where people are gathering to co-design new and improved currencies.

According to this principle, we're always looking to build win/win partnerships with innovative people and organizations working to promote informed exchanges.

And the Transaction Net site is living proof that this open standard pays off: we don't sell ad space on our site, or otherwise compromise our independence, our commitment to full disclosure and open information; instead we've been lucky enough to find terrific collaborators whose work we're pleased to amplify (and vice versa): These have included, so far, several famous (and not-so-famous) software developers, some major corporate clients, and a number of not-for-profit organizations.

Interested in working together toward our mutual benefit--through a partnership, sponsorship, mutual credit exchange, in-kind contribution, or consultation? We invite you to get in touch with us.

People & MissionBackgroundCommunitiesMarketplaceContacting Us