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Transaction Net

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Transaction Net
915 Cole Street, Suite 105
San Francisco, CA 94117

We're pretty easy to find online.

Brian Zisk, CEO of Transaction Net, participates in a number of mailing lists (including econ-lets), newsgroups, and online conferencing systems (e.g. Electric Minds); helped implement the developers' conference for Silicon Graphics Innovate Online; co-founded The River; runs the San FranZiskGo! mailing list; and hosts

We also venture offline every once in a while.

We try to get out and have fun pretty often, so you might find us at one of the events we list in San FranZiskGo!. In fact, we love these events so much we want everyone to be able to attend, so we're also working with other Bay Area folks on the Pick Up Tix exchange model, which encourages community service by rewarding volunteers with tickets (or other expiring merchandise) that would otherwise go to waste. We love working with talented locals like Paulina Borsook and John Hartong, and we're proud to accept all negotiable local currencies because we believe in cultivating vibrant microeconomies.

Please stay in touch!

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Please send me San FranZiskGo! weekly listings by electronic mail.

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