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Weaving the Net's Social Fabric

"Virtual communities", according to Bernard Lietaer, "are 'communities' because social bonds have sprouted up around a 'gift economy' of open information exchange."

By opening up channels of communication, online and off, we hope to help cultivate communities , and to create places where people's strengths and energies are exchanged and rewarded.

And in those places, we're trying to do our share to build the community's intellectual capital and contribute to its growth and success.

  • To help encourage volunteerism, we've been promoting our Pick Up Tix program, in which goods that would otherwise go to waste (tickets, for example) are offered as an incentive for community service projects (cleaning up the park, for example).

  • Brian Zisk, CEO of Transaction Net, helped establish The River, "an open, self-governing, uncensored, economically sustainable, computer conferencing system"; participates in Usenet, several mailing lists, and a variety of conferencing systems; and hosts the San FranZiskGo! mailing list, the Transaction Net conferencing system, and both the San Francisco conference (the most popular regional conference) as well as the Tickets conference on "the world's most influential online community", The WeLL.

  • Part of contributing to a community is encouraging the contributions of others. When we witness something excellent, whether it's Paulina Borsook's great writing, GeoNet's great service, or a great upcoming Bay Area event, we try to amplify it and celebrate it, and help make sure it can happen again.

  • We've long been advocating--and implementing--a variety of win/win business models, including contributor-owned enterprises.

  • Because advertising relies on a "captive audience" and perpetuates a scarcity of information, we've championed other more open models of doing business online--and kept the Transaction Net site 100% independent, a source you can count on for unvarnished reviews of payment methods and conferencing systems, uncompromised commentary on upcoming local events, and all sorts of other unconventional information.

  • In support of efforts to create sustainable complementary currency systems to suit the needs of any transaction, we accept as payment any negotiable currency.

People & MissionBackgroundMarketplacePartnershipsContacting Us