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We're not quite dinosaurs, but...

We've been on the web since the good old days--San FranZiskGo! has been published every week since Spring of '94!--but we're not tired of it yet. In fact, we're more excited than ever about the many promises of open networks and plan to keep working to fulfill them.

Brian Zisk, CEO of Transaction Net (an experienced entrepreneur and well-known analyst, ringleader, and promoter), helped create

Under Brian's leadership, we stopped doing production work in 1996 in order to build up Transaction Net, an independent informational web site devoted to harnessing the power of win/win technologies like the Internet to transform factory-style practices into efficient, sustainable Information Age policies.

Take a look, for example, at our unique survey of How Money Systems Work, the San FranZiskGo! weekly events listings, Spin Doctor's Web Design 101, our independent reviews of the latest Online Payment Methods, The Ultimate San Francisco Resource Directory, our collection of Articles on the Future of Money, excerpts from Bernard Lietaer's Beyond Greed and Scarcity, a comparison of Online Business Models, or our reviews of web conferencing systems.

Our home site, as you can see, leans toward lower-tech documents that all visitors can enjoy, but we've also had the thrill of working with some innovative technologies--see, for instance, our Shockwave toons, or the San FranZiskGo! listings on Craig Newmark's Java calendar and the cal channel of this Marimba transmitter (also maintained by Craig).

Stay tuned for news of the software startup we're about to launch. We can't say too much about it right now, but we can say with excitement (and a little pride) that we're absolutely certain it will reshape the worlds of education and interactive information management. For now, you can visit our marketplace to check out the products and services we're currently offering.

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