Windows 95 Web Tools

These get used on the one lonely Compaq PC laptop we have here, at least when it's not running Linux.

  1. For general HTML coding we use ... Notepad! Although this built in text editor is plain and simple, we find it very handy. It's incredibly fast to start, supports searches, word wrap, and takes up very little memory.

  2. When graphical development is needed, a combination of Paint Shop Pro and Fractal Design Painter provides a great set of tools and processes for all kinds of art and design.

  3. We browse using the two top contenders, Netscape and Internet Explorer, both at version 3. They're both excellent, although they each have their little advantages. Of course, we also do this so we can test our pages on each platform under plenty of different browsers. That's just good design.

  4. For creating animated GIFs, the GIF Construction Set is amazingly useful. The Animated GIF Wizard makes it so easy to create compressed animations that anyone can do it. And other tools let you supercompress GIFs to make them load faster.

  5. For getting stuff around from all kinds of systems without breaking long filenames, we use WinZip, a shareware program that runs nearly every compression protocol know to mankind.

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