Mac Web Tools

These tools all run on our Power Computing Mac clones (system 7.5.3 and counting).

  1. We compose HTML with BBEdit 4.0, a text editor with several useful features, including a code validator, tag balancing, syntax coloring, and customized macros.

  2. When the document is ready to go up on our SPARC Apache server (chez our service provider, GeoNet), Fetch 3.0.1 meets our ftp needs

  3. When the net is tangled, Mac TCP Watcher helps us locate the snags and trace net routes to other addresses.

  4. Once the page is up, we look it over using the Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 browser (enhanced by Shockwave and RealAudio plugins, which can be downloaded as shareware and decompressed with Stuffit Expander).

  5. NCSA Telnet gets us over to the WeLL, which relies on picospan for text-based conferencing. We confer over the web, too, and are very pleased to host Transaction Net conferences on the Motet site.

  6. GraphicConverter (for image editing), GIFConverter 2.3.7 (for building animations from .gifs), Adobe Illustrator 6.0 (for illustrating, of course), and Director 5 (for synchronized interactive multimedia) help us build multimedia functionality into the site.

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