It's all about flow

Feng Shui, or Chinese Geomancy (geo="earth" + mancy="divination"), could be called the science of flow, or maybe the architecture of energy, or the philosophy of interior design.

Whatever you call it, its practitioners consciously calibrate the movements and elements in a particular life or space.

"Consciously" is the key word: People with today's technology are increasingly able to arrange the times, spaces, and movements they participate in, but few of us are completely familiar with all the possibilities, and so few of us are gaining the momentum we could from feng shui.

Although there's no wind, water, fire, wood, or metal in a web site, feng shui principles inform our work on the web; for example, as we investigate the future of money, information, work, technology, and education, we consciously balance "solid" information with "fluid" mobility and access, and as we do so, a few relationships become apparent: Energy, measured by money, should flow efficiently like the web. Information focuses energy and conserves money. "Money is information about the way we exchange energy" (Bernard Lietaer). The web conducts information and conserves energy. Technology focuses energy according to information.

By removing obstacles and distractions, and attending to flows (energy, money, information) and solids (people and resources) in our communities, we can free up potential energies in ourselves, our money systems, and our technological tools. Let's work together to liberate our communal ch'i.

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